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The V.F. Oscar Party Portrait Studio

Photographs by Mark Seliger. 

Oh this Lupita!!!



Robert Downey Jr in “A Guide To Recognising Your Saints”

Whenever I think RDJr is overly mannered in his performances or choices, I look back to this film (2006) and remind myself that the man does know how to do Quiet - how to be there for the Other Actor, and not have it about him.  Just finished seeing a scene with him and Dianne Wiest and you can almost not recognise him.  Okay Dawg.



Watching ‘Deep Impact’

When they do the montage of Elijah Wood getting married, the POTUS (Morgan Freeman) being contemplative, and Vanessa Goddamn Redgrave getting ready for a helluva party (to us) but is really a suicide night, I dare any of you sons of bitches to not cry.

Alec Baldwin, Meet Bridget Fonda

Alec Baldwin is talking nonsense about retiring from public life.  Let the sod do so - too bad he didn’t take lessons from the lovely Bridget Fonda.  When she - who comes from an acting dynasty from her grandfather Henry and her father Peter AND her aunt Jane - decided to retreat to private life in 2003, did she do a publicity tour? No.  She just effing did it.  Alec, I got a big “Shut the F*** up Donny!” for you on this one. 



The Sopranos: “Where’s Johnny?”

Just finished watching, “Where’s Johnny?” - the episode where Junior’s Alzheimer’s becomes apparent. It’s hard watching someone with this disease in real life, and this ep handled it beautifully. At the end, Tony asks Junior why everything he says over and over again is so mean - why can’t he say something nice? They both have tears in their eyes. This music is how the scene ends. Things like this are why ‘The Sopranos’ was such a great series.



The “Bates Motel” Adverts

Not happy that they’re using “Mr Sandman.”  Isn’t that Michael Myers’ signature cut???



Patterson Hood - Heavy and Hanging

The best job in the world right now has got to be Music Coordinator for this show. The plots can vary from Deepak Chopra deep to mediocre as hell, but the music just blinds. I’d’ve never heard of Patterson Hood if not for this show. Thank you.



BEY is for Basic

curatorsofdopenessblog: I think Wendy Williams was right about Bey (speaks like a fifth-grader), but I love this article about B’s simpleness (not meant negatively).

******Disclaimer!!!! Before all of the BeyHive Stans come for me, I encourage you all to please read to the end, this ain’t a dis blog, it’s a real blog. I really enjoyed “Beyonce” I purchased it the moment it dropped on iTunes and I plan to incorporate one of the tracks in my upcoming…



    I’m watching Justified

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    Justified on

I’m watching Justified

660 others are also watching. Justified on



On Encore - V The Final Battle

Watching this veddy veddy cool 1984 sci-fi mini-series, I just have to laugh: just where did the rebels get the money to mass-manufacture the red toxin stuff that kills the Visitors?  Or all those hot air balloons?  I can’t see how Marc Singer or Faye Grant’s characters would’ve had that much pull underground.